Have you ever been to Sundarban National Park? There is the availability of a Sundarban tour nowadays. A place of panoramic beauty with wildlife is quite interesting. Visitors love to visit there for the Sundarban Mangrove forests. Do you have a clue regarding the wildlife of the National Park? Being the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, it also consists of some more species. The fauna of the Sundarban National Park is awesome. Visitors are curious about a tour of the place due to the extremely amazing wildlife. Let us know what animals attract the tourists. Have some details about those wild animals.

The Adventure with Wild Animals and Other Species

Sundarban Reserved Forest is known to be the best hotspot for natural diversity. This is because of species that are protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act. Sundarban tourism helps you in a great visit to watch the animals, birds, and other species. With a relatively decent Sundarban tour package cost, you can have the best tour. Let us study the animals now.

Royal Bengal Tigers

The biggest wild cat and the most popular animal of Sundarban tour booking are Royal Bengal Tigers. After getting named after the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, these tigers are the best. A hunter from the Royal family hunted the Bengal Tiger of Sundarban. This brought the Royal Tigers the best Sundarban tourism to get the title of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Estuarine Crocodiles

Also known as the saltwater crocodile is found in Sundarbans. These reptiles are located in the coastal brackish mangroves in Sundarbans. These crocodiles are quite beneficial as it helps in cleaning the water. But how? This is due to their regular eating of the flesh of the dead animals. This makes the water clean.

The Barking Deer

Another species famous in Sundarbans is the barking deer. Also known as the Indian Muntjacs, this is a shy animal. A vegetarian animal is located in the woodlands and dense Mangrove forests. The favorite food for a Muntjac is grass, leaves, wild fruits, and shoots. It is also known as Maya Harin in Hindi. During the breeding season, the male deer sounds like a belling bark, while females speak in mewing sounds.

Fishing Cats

A wild fish-eating cat is the fishing cat. Frequently located in the Sundarban Tourism of West Bengal, this is also known as Macch Bagha in Bengali. The fishing cat is popular for mangroves, floodplains, and rivers. A yellowish-grey fur makes the cat glow in the forests. This is most liked by the tourists.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the animals in the Sundarban tour operator are the best. Tourists remain excited to visit the National Park due to the abundance of species in the same. This makes their trip adventurous and thrilling too.

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