The Sundarban mangrove forest is one of the world’s largest. It is a UNESCO world heritage site located on the delta formed by the confluence of the rivers Meghna, Ganga, and Brahmaputra. Because of its unique blend of floral excellence and diversified wildlife, Sundarban is a well-known tourist destination. And to experience a magnificent Sundarban tour, contact Sundarban Wildlife Tourism immediately.

Thousands of local and international tourists visit the Sundarban each year. The Sundarban provides a variety of must-do activities. The following are some of them:

Tiger Reserve Area

The tiger reserve is where you will have the best opportunity of seeing a royal Bengal tiger. Our guides have researched the behavior of tigers throughout the year and can thus guarantee tiger sightings for the majority of the time. However, Tigers’ irregular behavior as a result of mood swings is not uncommon.

Magnificent Boat Ride

The only form of communication to reach the tiger reserve is by boat. The boat trip, on the other hand, is an adventure in and of itself. It’s perhaps the best approach to monitoring the environment without disrupting it. Tourists have frequently stated that the boat ride provides them with a sense of surreal tranquility.

Walk Amidst Nature

It’s rare to get a chance to walk through the Sundarban forest. However, if it does occur, it must be added to your to-do list. Not many places are accessible by foot, and our guides will assist you in identifying those that are suitable for this. The 10-kilometer walk between Kotka and Kochikhali is a personal encounter with the forest. The mangroves are lovely, and the view is breathtaking.

High Watchtowers

The watchtowers are known for providing a beautiful view of the area. The best time to visit the watchtower is in the evening. Even if you don’t see many animals during this time, the beautiful scenery is likely to captivate you. The panoramic view of the woodland from the watchtower is similar to what you’d see on celluloid.

Ganges Dolphins

The Ganges dolphins can only be spotted in the Sundarban, which is the only place on the planet where they can be found. These thrilling critters are also one of the world’s most endangered species. To see the jumps in and out of water in a mangrove ecosystem is an experience you will not soon forget.

Wonderful Night Sky

You can spend the night on a houseboat and stare at the stars and pristine skies from the boat’s open deck. You will hear nature’s song if the winds are blowing. While all of this may seem less appealing on paper, the sensation is beyond description. Thousands of stars twinkle in the black canvas that is the sky, and you are the sole observer!

You can go to Sundarban through a variety of travel agencies. But it’s fantastic with royal Sundarban tourism! Because we design our Sundarban tour packages to the comfort of our visitors, they are always at their best. We don’t want your journey to be unpleasant; instead, we want your visit to be memorable and entertaining. It is our accomplishment, and we always succeed. So, plan for a Sundarban tour with us right now!


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