Well, this question is what paves its pathway to every tourist’s minds that are enthusiastic about forests and wild animals.

Sunderban tour package from Kolkata is worth every bit. In case a person finds peace and serenity in realistic locations a Sundarban tour is worth the experience and time.

Is the Sundarban tour experience worth it?

if this question is what is hitting your mind at the moment then it is to hereby inform you that the mighty tiger land welcomes guests from every background with open arms. Family, senior citizens, and kids can all experience great learning from the fun-filled trip to Sundarbans.

The biodiversity of the park is quite distinct from the biodiversity of any other National park present in the Indian subcontinent.

Nodding a big yes to your otherwise doubt, Sundarban has a quite lot to experience and see. With the boat ride amidst the home of Bengal tigers a Sundarban tour package, takes away every hecticness of the tourists.

Waving through the ride in the delta the tiger land is a heaven for photography enthusiasts. With numerous tourists marking their presence in the tiger land each year the permit from the forest department allows the enthusiasts to feel the essence of the jungle via spending a night on the boat.

Witness the boat turning red and orange amid the beautiful sunrise and sunset to get a feel of the bloodshot night. Bengali cuisine and food are best enjoyed on the boat by sightseeing and overhearing the Bengal tigers’ roar.

If a person is very much into nature and wildlife. Sundarban is one such place that exposes a tourist to such a geographical condition that cannot be found elsewhere.

The mangrove forest not only adds to the charm of the forest as they shine through and pave the pathway for tourists.

Moreover, the chills of the roar of the Bengal tigers but only adds a fear-worthy tinge to the otherwise plain trip to any forest. Bengal tigers are man-eaters and hence the challenge of picturing them amidst the thick jungles of Sundarbans increases by leaps and bounds.

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest on earth which is a river riddled region. Over the years the serene jungles had made it to the headlines for witnessing shifting tides and back beaten adventures. The jungle is popular for being surrounded by the most populous countries of the globe namely: India and Bangladesh yet the place has maintained its calm and is both calm and chaotic at the same point in time. The river channels of the place are what grants connectivity to each tourist and are often regarded as the heart of Sundarban.

Why go?

The major celebrity attraction of Sundarbans however remains the courtly Royal Bengal tiger. Nevertheless, to top the list other additional 400 creatures on earth even refer to the Sundarbans as home.

However, even after having the hashtag ‘man eaters’ it is extremely difficult to pick a point a royal Bengal tiger at its home. Withal, even in the case, the luck doesn’t support and you end up seeing none just sitting casually amongst the deck of your riverboat in Sundarbans would do the job of granting you peace framing it as a dream-like experience.

The Indian subcontinent is full of thrilling wildlife destinations at every corner yet Sundarban is such a location that has earned itself a teeming tag of the UNESCO world heritage site.

The forest land apart from being the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers also consists of nearly 102 islands with various small families inhabiting the place.

Sundarbans is also the home to crocodile and turtle farms, museums, and watchtowers that grants the place its eccentric feel.

Planning a trip to Sundarbans not only lets a tourist witness nature’s heaven but also food heavens such as Bhetki Fish, mutton, prawns, Luchi, crabs, and a variety of fishes. Foodgasm is best experienced in this thick forest land. The best part is that since everything is cooked in the boat it grants the tourist the opportunity to combine their plate with foods like chicken pakora and fish items while viewing the thickset jungle.

Sundarban finds its geographical location in the very remote area of Bengal. Rivers on rivers have to be crossed for reaching this location that is outside the cell phone coverage area. The place is undoubtedly left unspoiled by nature that has amazing tales to narrate.

The people present in the nearby villages are also quite helpful that narrate surprising tales of their bravery once you get friendly with them.

With one single day in hand, it would not be possible to cover this thick forest land. “How can I plan my Sundarban trip?” this query often jumbles the mindset of travel enthusiasts.

A ferry can be taken to this forest land and if a person is lucky, you never know they might be able to catch a glimpse of this royal Bengal tiger as well.

However, even overlooking the tiger fact, Sundarban tour grants its tourists the sure-shot chance to witness crocodiles, birds, and cats with sunset serving as the bonus. Now the choice of visiting entirely relies upon you.

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