Sundarbans: a magnificent name that simply produces its magical cells in the minds of the over hearer.

The UNESCO world heritage site is popular for providing the best Tiger safari in INDIA, while the tourists choose to sail through the Royal Bengal tiger habitat that is in turn covered with different species of mangroves.

Tides in this home of tigers are eventually so huge that mostly one-third of this forest cover disappears and appears again regularly. The magical forest Sundarbans is regarded as one of the best tiger reserves in INDIA.

Nevertheless, if it makes you wonder Royal Bengal tiger is found in which forest?
Then undoubtedly Sundarbans is the answer with closed eyes which provides shelter to these majestic swamp beasts.

Tiger tours India has been famous for quite some time and when it comes down to Sundarban it is to be mentioned that this evergreen tiger land holds its aura to present and make Sundarban wildlife photography tour serene and a grandiose one.

The title behind “Royal”?

The ‘Royal’ Titles Act is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which was passed in 1876.

The act further went ahead to recognize Queen Victoria as the major “Empress of India”. The title was eventually taken up by her back in the year 1876, under the presence of PM Benjamin Disraeli.

In the ancient days, they were settled in Bengal. It was back then that the hunter from the Royal Family of the United Kingdom hunted a Bengal Tiger in Sundarbans, and these tigers ended up getting the title of the Royal Bengal Tigers.

As a matter of known fact, Tigers are regarded as the true king of Jungle and hence the title was willingly passed on to the giant beast. However, this element is to date one of the unknown Bengal tiger facts.

The Characteristics of Majestic Royal Bengal tiger ~

Covered up with tall evergreen mangrove trees taking assistance from big saline mudflats. Nearly every Sundarban tour ever taken answers the query Why is the Royal Bengal Tiger famous? The Royal Bengal Tigers of Sundarban have bold, sharp, canny features and are also regarded as the best swimmer species of the cat family. This tiger species is regarded as the heftiest predator of the animal kingdom. All the same, the queerness of this monarch of Sundarbans has no end.

The Royal Bengal tiger is the most daunting predator of the animal kingdom. Popular for its blade-like paws this wild beast can even crush the skulls of various animals. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the tiger are too huge for constant elaboration.

Another distinct feature of this powerful hunter animal is that they choose to remain the most active from dusk to dawn. Capable of swimming up to 30kms per day they justify their royal tag like no other animal. These members of the royal family further take the assistance of Henthal Tree and other tall branches of the forest to counter-strike, stalk, and target their prey accordingly.

Throwing light on one of the distinct incidents of the bisected region of the Sundarban the forest has made it to the headlines for its daunting nature. Portraying one similar incident from the forest it can be brought to notice that on one incident the wild beast was ferocious enough to cross the river creeks and attack the local cattle. However, the story doesn’t end here. The angry beast here was even reluctant enough to cross the river and thereby bring back the cattle to its own preying den. Having the largest canine teeth in their family these tigers hold the capability of eating 40 kgs of meat in one go.

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Difference between Bengal tiger & Royal Bengal Tiger ~

The mighty land and the characteristics of the place make them all the tougher of their kind. In this rugged tiger land, nature simply does not obey its normal and plain rules. For instance, here it is often noticed that fishes climb up the tree, animals end up drinking saltwater and the basic roots of the tree find their pathway towards the sky instead of going deep into the earth.

The Sundarbans are undoubtedly different from any other tiger land on earth, specifically due to the adaptive nature of the tigers. The behavior of tigers here cannot be simply considered general or even be replicated by any other animal as such.

One must have seen numerous tigers in different places, yet some photographers spend and contribute their lives to spot tigers in Sundarban.

Speaking about tigers in Sundarbans simply freaks out the local dwellers in Sundarbans. As the tigers are different from the tigers of different National Park of India also the rest of the world, their way of adaptability wins the heart of Wildlife Lovers & Photographers.

The difference between the tigers of Sundarbans and the Tigers of Kanha, Corbett, Nagarhole, Bandhavgarh is that Tigers in Sundarbans can swim up real fast or even climb trees. Here the tigers do not follow any as such generalized preying behavior and can even drink salty water.

Tigers of the mangrove land consume crabs and fish. However, as they are capable of swimming extremely fast up to the speed limit of 13lm/hr they can even skill their prey in broad daylight. Having no common preying behavior at times they even choose to prey upon human beings.

The principal food of the Royal Bengal tigers is generally: wild boars, spotted deer, and rhesus macaque. A revelation of 113 scats outlined that the presence of prey species puts medium-sized ungulates, water monitor Lizard, and distinct types of turtles. The tigers are known for preying on medium and small animals as large size ones are almost extinct in Sundarbans. Royal Bengal Tigers even prefer snakes and are also regarded as obligate carnivores.

These tigers even hold the record of crossing the 8km wide river Thakuran for being infested with sharks and crocodiles.

For years these tigers have been but only a source of uplifted curiosity in humans and their held-on relationship with mythology, science, and nature. The claws of these mammals are further utilized for striking and catching hold of the prey. The strong jaws of the powerful animal are topped with supportive muscles where their soft pads even provide them a stealthy approach.

The Royal Bengal Tiger has a highly developed vision and hearing power. Nevertheless, its sense of smell is not as powerful as its hearing ability. Highly intelligent these tigers are exceptionally agile, ferocious, aggressive.

The Royal Bengal Tigers are widely known for having stronger limbs. These queer bodily features assist them as they choose to run through the knee-thick midlines. Surviving in the mangroves this tiger safari INDIA is worthy of its own kind.

These tigers further travel more than the Bengal tigers as Sundarban is one such maze group of islands that is crisscrossed by several canals and creeks containing tidal waters.

Having sharp breathing routes the forest land is exceptionally dense making prey even more critical.

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Threats to the Roal Bengal Tiger ~

The tigers here choose to swim from one island to another island in search of food and water supply declines. This factor however remains threat worthy as these make tigers venture closer to human settlement.

Habitat degradation interference, cyclones have further worked towards disturbing the entire landscape of the Sundarbans.

However, lack of available fresh and drinking water is one of the biggest direct impacts for the numbers to go significantly down.

Illegal poaching and significant habitat loss of the heritage and symbol is also a criterion that makes poaching illegal in Sundarbans. As of now, clean, fresh, and drinking water is mandatory for tigers to survive. Where is the sea levels continue to rise they might not end up having any chance for survival.

Man Animal conflicts ~

The Sundarban faces numerous attacks by tigers. However, the livelihood needs and requirements force people to enter the wilds for their own needs.

Humans enter forests seeking honey (though officially they are allowed for two months only), they are engaged in fishing and also seek out crabs near the banks.

Sundarban wildlife tours have their distinct nature. For instance, here the tigers enter the villages and witness massive nets being utilized in the banks of the forest islands. These nets are straightaway opposite to the normal human settlement yet it cannot be stated that Sundarban tigers are Man-Eaters.

Mainly, here the tigers choose to prey upon humans that enter their forest territory rather than attacking human settlements.

best tiger safari in india

The notable and praiseworthy sight of tigers swimming and watching in the brackish water is also what makes Sundarbans the best tiger reserve in India. On the other ground, the other animals found here run speedily in as they witness the king in its form. This entire view would but only raise your goosebumps level on a speedy basis.

Panthera Tigris Tigris is marked as the scientific name of this wild beast. The courtly and ferocious animal is still one of the only reasons and elements behind the Sundarban Wildlife Photography tour of various tourists.

There happens to be an unusual sense of uncertainty that spotting a tiger at Sundarbans is partly next to impossible. However, finding one purely relies on luck as well. All the same, the Sundarban Wildlife tours, is one such troop of wildlife enthusiasts that has been contributing to the field quite passionately for the last ten years.

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