Sundarbans is a vast mangrove forest and the best tourist destination. The heritage of the Royal Bengal Tigers is perfect. Located on the South Eastern tip of the twenty-four Parganas District of West Bengal, it is 110 km from Kolkata. The wildlife photography tour is worthy for the visitors. Do you know about some major attractions of the Sundarbans? Let us dive deep into the same and understand the great locations to roam.

An Outstanding Place to Visit

While searching for Sundarban Tourism, we should ensure the places to visit. The beautiful locations provide the best experience. Let us have a subtle glance at various places.

The Tiger Reserve

This is one of the best zones in Sundarbans. Tiger Photography tours in India, a tiger reserve consisting of four zones. The best Sundarban Tourism allows the picturesque beauty of the tiger reserve. The tiger reserve consists of more than 400 tigers. A perfect place to watch tigers from a closer distance.

The Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Another beautiful place that offers a scenic view of the Tiger Reserve is the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower. Apart from tigers, axis deer, monitor lizards, wild boars, and crocodiles are also found in this place. With a capacity of twenty-five hosts, the watchtower is filled with amazing Mangroves. The Sudhanyakhali Camp has a sweet pond and a variety of crabs. This Sundarban Tourism, forest camp is the most liked tourist attraction.

Dobanki Watch Tower

An appreciated place in the perfect visibility of the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Dobanki Canopy Walk is another attraction for visitors. The Dobanki Canopy Walk Sundarban Tourism consists of a flyover with a fencing grill. The strong net keeps the visitors safe from the wildlife. With the range of Royal Bengal Tigers, the storks, Otter, ducks, falcons, jungle fowl, etc. are best for the wildlife photography safari. The Sundarban photography tour will provide you with the Bonabibi Temple in the Sundarbans.

Bhagatpur Crocodile Project

The only crocodile project in West Bengal is a favorite tourist destination of the tourists. This project involved the incubation of the crocodile eggs, nurturing and growing the eggs. This helps in better growth of them to release them into the wild. Wildlife Photography Safari, the hatchery contains crocodiles as well as the tortoise.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Next to the tiger reserve, the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary contains Kingfishers, Sandpipers, Plovers, Sea Eagles, Curfews, herons, and other species of birds. Sundarban Tourism will make you walk in the perfect bird sanctuary.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the Sundarban is the best place to visit. Tiger photography tours in India have alluring packages to get you to numerous places. Tourism to the Sundarbans is quite necessary.


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