Sundarban tourism is enriched with flora. The beautiful species of plants are quite mesmerizing. The mangroves consist of an excellent level of floral beauty. Sundarbans are the mangrove area. This forest area consists of more than 300 plants. Situated in the state of West Bengal, it consists of Sundarban National Park. Sundarban is such a cherishing place that has a perfect natural ambiance. So, are you curious to dive deep into the floral beauty of the place? Come with us and get an amazing natural journey.

What Famous Species are found in Sundarbans?

Plants, animals, and the best wildlife safaris in India, all are found in Sundarbans. But we will discuss mainly the flora of the place. The special plants of the Sundarbans will astound you. So, let’s start and attain some knowledge.

Heritiera Fomes

This is a scientific name for a dominant species of mangrove tree. Its common name includes Sundri, Jekanazo, Sunder, and so on. Sundarban tourism makes you enjoy the beauty of this floral specie. This is an evergreen tree. A medium-sized tree looks beautiful and makes up to seventy percent of the trees in the area.

Excoecaria Agallocha

A mangrove specie with some common names like buta-buta tree, blinding tree, a river poison tree, milky mangrove, etc. The top Sundarban tourism will bless you watch this evergreen tree. It is nearly twenty meters tall. Dribbling poisonous white latex from its surface, this tree belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae.

Acanthus Llicifolius

Called Hargoja in the regional language, this shrub is quite fascinating. The 1.5 m tall mangrove belongs to the Acanthaceae family. This is also known as Holy-leave Acanthus.

Sonneratia Apetala

A genus of the Lythraceae family, this plant has a self-supporting growth system. A fast-growing tree is appreciated by the tourists of Sundarban tourism. The tree produces vertical roots that rise above the ground. The tree provides the local farmers with fruits and wood. The farmers sell the fruits in the market and earn money from them. So, this is quite beneficial.

Xylocarpus Granatum

The specie belongs to the Mahogany Family of mangroves. Commonly known as Pashur, this has another name too. Popularly called Cedar mangrove, a puzzle nut tree, cannonball mangrove, etc. are some common names of the species. This tree grows up to a height of twelve meters. The wood of this tree is hard enough. It is used for several purposes including making furniture, boats, and construction as well. The durability of this wood is just awesome. Sundarban tourism makes you visit the flora of Sundarbans.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the Sundarbans are rich in flora. The amazing species of the place are marvelous. People love to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of the peaceful place and have the best wildlife photo shoot at the same.


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