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Who are we?

When it comes to wildlife photography, experience matters the most. We are a team of wildlife photographers who have been practicing this passion turned profession for the past ten years. We are so much in love with our wildlife destinations that we know thoroughly what each of them offers in every season.


Our specialized wildlife photography was first initiated by IT Professional turned Wildlife Photographer Samir Sarkar. As photographers, we understand the needs of the other fellow photographers who passionate about capturing the wildlife of India and try to take care of these needs as far as possible. You will be amazed by this adventurous experience and exploration into the fantastic tiger wildlife of India.


Are you wondering about the reason behind naming this initiative Sundarban wildlife Expedition?


This is because we have been a part of photography tours in Sundarban for the past ten years. We also extend a helping hand for conserving the wildlife in this area through our Panthera wildlife conservation trust. But, for the past two to three years, we have also shown interest in photography expeditions in areas like Singalila National Park, Manas National Park, Buxa–Jayanti etc. But we are still named after Sundarban Wildlife Expedition because we specialize in it.


Our Aim

Our vision is to provide you with one of the best wildlife photography tour experiences. Our tours will be both eco-friendly as well as helpful for the locals in the Sundarban region. We are obsessed with exploring the wilderness of India and we want you to fall in love with the same.


By promoting eco-tourism in the Sundarban we want to spread more and more awareness about the importance of the co-existence of nature and humans rather than a conflict between humans and wildlife. We also create awareness about the preservation of biodiversity in places like the Singalila National Park, Buxa – Jayanti, Bandhavgarh National Park, etc through our Photography expeditions.


We have always believed in taking less and giving more, which is the goal of this initiative. We want to cause as low an impact on nature as possible and generate high-yield, sustainable tourism where we do not allow our people to cause any harm to the environment of Sundarban. We are taking both baby steps and significant actions every single day towards achieving this goal.


We want to help the local people over here by creating a sustainable means of livelihood for them. We share a part of our profit with the rural community of Sundarban because we believe in sustainable development and the values of giving back more than we take.


Our Specialty


We head towards tour destinations only with which we are familiar. Each of them has been carefully chosen by us for their splendid beauty and the vast wildlife that is a treat for both our eyes and camera. We also specialize in the knowledge of the best photography locations for a particular species. We offer the best tiger tours and sight-seeing in Sundarban as well as Red Panda Expedition at Singalila National Park.


Eco-tourism is all about traveling to any natural area with the responsibility of not harming the environment and creating sustainable living for the locals out there.


Our wildlife photography aims to capture the beauty of the place through the lens. We have been serving travelers for the past ten years in the most eco-friendly way possible.


The main idea behind this initiative was to preserve the natural habitat and wildlife in the Sundarban & also other national Park.


Local Involvement


We have always been lucky in getting to meet and associate with some of the best local guides, trackers, and other local people living amidst these forests across the country. Due to our belief and values about responsible tourism, we use these same local people in our photography endeavors.


Ecotourism is much more than just beautiful locations, perfect photographs, and delectable cuisines. It is about immersing yourself in the local community’s cultures and lifestyles and thinking of yourself to be one with nature to create an unforgettable experience.


The enchanting beauty of the wildlife and the satisfying learning experiences will give you unimaginable fulfillment. The world we live in is diverse with indigenous cultures and only when we develop a feeling of sensitivity towards them, we understand our responsibility towards nature.


About Our Tours


We understand that a great wildlife photography tour is all about patience. So we stop at our destinations peacefully rather than hopping from one place to another.


Our tour itinerary is about safari watching and capturing the wildlife which allows you to explore the place and its local. You do not need to travel a lot outside the forest.


Our professional wildlife photographer will accompany you on every tour. It will be a completely private tour with not more than ten people.


Are you passionate about capturing wild beauty with your lens? Our team of specialists in wildlife & photography tours in India will guide you throughout.


We are much more than wildlife tour operators who plan the perfect tour for you. Our photographers are experts who have been close with Indian wildlife for the past decade. They are wildlife consultants who know everything about the unique behavior of the animals.


Starting from choosing the right place and time for photography to the quality of safari vehicles and the knowledge of local drivers and guides our team has in-depth knowledge about everything needed to make your wildlife tour perfect.


Along with offering the best possible guest experience, we also strive towards reaching the remotest areas of our country with a passion to preserve the wildlife and the rural economy through our expeditions.


If you are a true nature lover, you will be familiar with the concept of eco-tourism and capturing the wildlife with your camera. Our tourism model focuses on proving nature conservation’s economic viability by harnessing international capital and allowing the local community to share this benefit.

Gift Yourself An Unforgettable Adventure at Sundarbans