Want to see a wild tiger roaming in the forest?

Undoubtedly India is an ideal place, where about 50% of the world’s population of wild tigers roams. Some 1,400 big cats are scattered across more than 40 national parks throughout the country.

Discover the beauty of the landscape, the natural world, the creatures, and the fascinating and moving birds in the presence of the chaotic metro.

See how a wild tiger rests, eats, and lives in the tropical Indian subcontinent.

To help increase the chances of seeing a tiger in India, we have limited your choices down to seven areas where you are likely to find a decent place.

1. Sundarban National Park
2. Ranthambore national park
3. Jim Corbett national park
4. Bandhavgarh national park
5. Kanha National Park
6. Manas National Park
7. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Sundarban National Park

Have a bold and exciting engagement with the typical and quiet Tiger Parks of India. ‘Sundarban’ literally means ‘wonderful and beautiful forest’.

The Indian Sundarbans is a delta that covers 102 islands.

Various rivers, streams, and streams confuse the islands. Visits to this picturesque place of unprepared animals surround almost 42 islands, which are dense forests.

There are no human settlements on the 48 islands. Tigers and many other native species live in these 48 forest islands.

In the many different National Park of India, photographers can only avail the of morning and evening safaris. In Sundarbans, travelers invest in quality energy in the woods from dawn to dusk.

One needs a boat to cover a region of the tourism area that spans more than 350 square miles. Photography of natural life is trying and compensating in Sundarbans National Park.

Sundarban tours are no different from other photo tours. Photography of tigers in various parks takes place on safari vehicles such as jeeps making it a perfect wildlife photography tour.

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